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Nursing Beds

Why Choose Our Nursing Beds

All nursing beds in our collection have one thing in common. The beds have been designed to industry standards to comply with all care home or nursing home regulations and requirements whilst still maintaining the ambience of the room.

Every nursing bed in the range has high quality lockable castors. This allows for easy placement and manoeuvrability.

The added feature of profiling support allows for the patients back and legs to be supported. Whilst the low and ultra low beds also allows the user easy access in and out of the bed.

Within our range of nursing beds, we also supply the bariatric style beds that are used for the larger user.

Our mattresses comply to all UK industry standards and allow the profiling system of the beds to work flawlessly.

Everything in this range has been made to partner with your current care home furniture.

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overbed table with wheels Sale

**Limited Stock ** Over-Bed / Over-Chair Table with Castors


We only have a small amount left. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

For Orders of 6 or more, please call to get them at £29.99 each.

  • Come with separate “U-shaped” legs, this makes it ideal for fitting under chairs.
  • Comes with 4 castors allowing easy manoeuvrability, with brakes providing extra stability.
  • Height and angle of the table can be easily adjusted with hand wheels.
  • Tabletop angle can be adjusted up to 45° to facilitate reading/writing.
  • Supplied Prebuilt.
  • Easy to dismantle for ease of storage and transportation.
  • Tables support objects up to 15kg (33lb).
  • Easy wipe clean surfaces.


Table Width: 54cm (22″)
Table Depth: 40cm (16″)
Table Height: 53cm – 82cm (21 – 32″)

Woburn Profiling Bed


The Woburn Profiling Bed is widely known as one of the best quality beds on the market – and has been upgraded to

Woburn Low Profiling Bed


Available now is the brand new Woburn Low Profiling Bed. The 4 section profiling bed has been upgraded to include high quality control systems,

Woburn Community Profiling Bed


The all new Woburn Community v2 Profiling Bed is now available for purchase. Now built to withstand multiple dismantles and rebuilds, to

Woburn ultimate profiling bed

The Woburn Ultimate Bariatric Profiling Bed


The Woburn Ultimate Profiling Bed is designed for bariatric patients use. Designed with aluminium side rails and an under-bed strengthening bar, the

The Woburn Ultra-Low Profiling Bed


The Woburn Ultra-Low Profiling Bed. With unique features allowing the platform to be lowered 67mm off floor level, the Ultra-Low Bed provides

Woburn Community Low Profiling Bed


the Woburn Community Low Profiling Bed is for patients with a higher risk of rolling when in bed, and possibly falling, the

Woburn Community 1200 Profiling Bed


The Woburn Community 1200 Profiling Bed Provides patients with more space and can reduce the feeling of entrapment – especially for those patients who

Elba profiling bed

Elba Care Profiling Bed


The Elba Care Profiling Bed meets the necessary requirements for comfort and modern ergonomics. The 4 section platform base on this profiling

Viscoflex Evolutive Static Mattress


The Viscoflex Evolutive Static Mattress is our more enhanced mattress in the Viscoflex range.

Positioning specialist foam inserts across key areas of the mattress allows for more pressure relief and comfort. The varying firmness in foam at zonal areas contributes to the additional support.

Viscoflex Mattress (Bariatric)


The Viscoflex Mattress Bariatric is a one piece viscoelastic foam mattress, which moulds to the shape of the patients body, thus helping to improve the comfort and pressure relieving properties.

The base layer is made using a high resilience foam which prevents the mattress splitting and bottoming out.

Kinetic Air Static Mattress


The Kinetic Air static mattress combines air displacement technologies and the advantages of static foam mattresses.

The internal air pressure is distributed through a system of unique valves. This redistribution prevents the user from overheating whilst laying on the mattress.

Reflect 2 Static Mattress


The Reflect 2 Static Mattress is a suitable option for patients in need of prevention and treatment for pressure sores.

A deep layer of castellated viscofoam rests upon a foam base. The two foams together evenly distribute patient weight and provide extra support.

Partnership active mattress

Partnership Active Mattress


The Partnership is a double sized active mattress, made up of both foam and alternating air cells – one on either side.

Wondermat active mattress

Wondermat Active Mattress


The Wondermat Active Mattress is designed to constantly maintain interface pressures, below capillary closure for very high risk patients. This system features a user

Prime Comfort Plus Static Mattress


The Prime Comfort Plus Static Mattress is an excellent static mattress, which provides great patient comfort. Side wall construction encases the foam,

Prime Comfort Static Mattress


The Prime Comfort Static Mattress is a fully profiling system, suitable for those at a high risk of developing pressure sores. Built

Viscoflex Air Plus Air Static Mattress


The Viscoflex Air Plus Air Static Mattress is built on the same viscoelastic foam base as the Viscoflex mattress, but with an enhanced

Community Static Mattress


A cost effective, comfort mattress for use on profiling beds. The mattress has been built with a high resilience, fire retardant foam. This foam

Community Plus Static Mattress


The Community Plus Static Mattress. Building on the Community Static Mattress, the plus is a higher quality mattress and a more cost-effective

Rotational Active Mattress

Rotational Active Mattress


The Rotational Active Mattress is a high quality, replacement active mattress system with alternative therapy settings. Designed to assist with pulmonary complications

Prime Comfort Active Mattress


The Prime Comfort Active mattress combines all the benefits of our Prime Comfort Plus mattress, plus so much more. BENEFITS OF THE

Royal Active Mattress
Royal Active Mattress

Royal Active Mattress


The Royal Active Mattress is a high quality solution for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. 17 air cells are powered

Duke extra active mattress

Duke Extra Active Mattress


The Duke Extra Active Mattress has been built using the same design and technologies as the Duke Replacement, with an additional foam

Duke active mattress
Duke active mattress

Duke Active Mattress


The Duke Active Mattress is a high quality, intelligent, replacement mattress. Designed for a more frail service user, the system provides a

Cavalier II active mattress

Cavalier II Active Mattress


The Cavalier II Active Mattress is a popular replacement system, designed for use within all care environments. Fitted with the Cavalier II Pump, the system is quiet and easy to maintain.

Chatsworth Active Mattress


The Chatsworth Active Mattress system is suitable for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in high risk patients.

Being a complete replacement system, the mattress is able to be used without an underlay.

16 cells make up the mattress, and are all removable to aid with decontamination.

Opal Plus Active Mattress


The Opal Plus is a full replacement system, suitable for the treatment of pressure ulcers in high-risk patients. Consisting of an alternating

Sapphire plus active mattress

Sapphire Plus Active Mattress


The Sapphire Plus Active Mattress is designed for use within many care environments. An affordable active mattress, the Sapphire Plus is a fully profiling, replacement system.

opal mattress overlay

Opal Overlay


Opal Overlay


The Opal Overlay is an alternating overlay, used for the treatment of pressure ulcers at medium to high risk.

A Rutland pump powers the overlay, which operates quietly. The pump is equipped with a low-pressure indicator to inform the patient/carer of a system failure.

Sapphire Active Mattress


Designed for use within many care environments, the Sapphire Active Mattress is a cost-effective, replacement system.

20 independent air cells rest on a 2″ layer of static foam, to provide service users with pressure relief and treat bed sores. The head end has 3 static cells, allowing service users to rest comfortable while their body weight is distributed across the mattress.

Salisbury Overlay


The Salisbury Overlay is for use to protect service users developing pressure sores. Overlay mattresses should be used in conjunction with a foam underlay, to further provide comfort and support in the event of a power failure.

Viscoflex Mattress with Multibearing Surface


The Viscoflex Mattress with Multibearing Surface, is an excellent pressure relieving mattress providing comfort, stability and protection.

The viscoelastic foam which moulds to the patients body shape, and the varying firmness in foam throughout each zonal area both provide extra pressure relief to the body.

Ultimate 1200 Lifting Pole


Compatible with the Woburn Ultimate bed, this Ultimate 1200 Lifting Pole assists the user to sit upright in bed. By holding onto

Lifting Pole


Compatible with our exclusive Woburn bed, this Lifting Pole assists the user to sit upright in bed. By holding onto the handle, which

Bed Length Extension Platform


The Bed Length Extension Platform, is available to extend your profiling bed by an additional 200mm. Some users are not comfortable in

Wooden Side Rails (set of 4)


Wooden Side Rails are not supplied as standard with some Profiling Beds, but as an optional extra.

Wooden Side Rails for use with most Profiling Beds, including the exclusive Woburn range.

Set of 4 supplied in package.

  • Woburn Low Profiling Bed
  • Woburn Community Low Profiling Bed
  • Woburn Community 1200 Profiling Bed

If beds are to be extended by 200mm, extended side rails and platforms are available.

Underbed Light with Sensor


The Underbed Light can be used in conjunction with our exclusive Woburn bed range. Once movement has been detected, a soft glow